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Core Services

The following are the core services that WhooshPro provides:

Solution Analysis & Consultation
Our consultants are able to provide professional
advice and solution after problem analysis.
  Project Collaboration & Management
We are able to project manage and collaborate with clients to complete the implementation successfully.

Customized Application Development
The development team in WhooshPro is able to
customize applications that suits your company needs.
  Comprehensive Documentation
Throughout the project implementation, we are able to document necessary information. The documentation is detailed and easy-to-read reference.

Value-Added Services


Web 2.0 Incorporation
Enhance your website into a user-centric environment by increasing its usability and allowing collaboration and interaction web features.

Examples of Web 2.0
Web-based Communities, Hosted Services, Web Applications, Social-networking Sites, Video-sharing Sites, Wikis, Blogs, Mashups, Folksonomies




Web Design
Give your website a new branding makeover, keeping it attractive and impressionable. We provide marketing strategy on website to increase visitor traffic.

Website Design Services
Information Architecture, Design Concept Brainstorming, HTML Production, Flash Production, Flash Banner Incorporation, Photography, Copywriting



E-Commerce & Retail Management
Give customers an online shopping experience with our E-Commerce management integration.

E-Commerce & Retail Management Services
Display Product Catalog, Customized Development & Setup, Sales Analysis & Tracking, Payment Gateway Incorporation, Customers Database, Security



Portal Development
Start a web portal to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications.

Types of Portals
Personal Portal, Regional Web Portal, Government Web Portal, Corporate Web Portal



Microsite Development
Market with a microsite by creating a related mini-site for an individual webpage or cluster of pages. This allows the microsite to function as an auxiliary supplement to your primary website. Read about a Case Study on a Microsite.



Database Design & Development
Database development helps you define and organize contents, relationships and structure of data that you need to capture.



Customized Mobile Application Development
Explore possibilities and extend usability interactivity by creating a customized mobile application catered to your needs.



Newsletter Management
Conduct your email marketing with WhooshPro newsletter management system. We are able to manage and distribute HTML or text formatted newsletter via email.

Newsletter Management Features
Low spamming, Bouncing Handling, Clicks Tracking, Opt Out List Tracking, Personalized designs, Reporting Capability



Related Maintenance
We are able to provide extensive maintenance services for the implemented software and applications.



System Security and Protection
We also perform system auditing and provide advisory on security features for considerations.


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