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analyse the significant business structure , then assess the
problem to factor in appropriate solutions.


WhooshPro Content Management System (WPCMS)

We have brought our Content Management System to the new age. It is highly customizable to meet demanding needs. It is an operation-oriented foundation CMS platform for modern website design.

With WPCMS, you can have built-in applications with no worries about your website security. We have management modules to cater to your business administrative needs; this includes optimising the performance of the CMS capabilities.

Understanding your business model, we can help you have the ease of use by including convenient functions. WhooshPro also supports your system by providing a comprehensive maintenance plan and standing by for any down-time.

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Key Features

Multi-Sites Capability
This capability allows you to manage multiple websites on one system. Linking all subsidiary websites together and managing individual website content.

Multi-lingual Support
Having the Multi-lingual Support available for your CMS, you are able to display other languages such as Chinese, Thai, and Arabic.

Interoperable and Extensible
The system ability to operate modules together allows seamless workflow for a fast-paced organisation. It is also able to extend other module integration to compliment a wholesome system for business future needs.


Standard Features:

Site Management
You can manage your website information structure (sitemap) with ease.

Page Management
With this feature, you can simply edit the web pages and it will be reflected instantaneously upon publishing.

Digital Files Management
Upload as many files/digital media onto the CMS and you can have a Library to insert images or videos on your web pages without coding.

Users Management
Manage users of the content management with just a few clicks away.


Clients on our CMS

Casino Regulatory Authority
Citiprop Property Management
President's Design Award
Fujitsu - Channel Partners
Keppel Corporation, and Business Units
National Security Coordination Secretariat
NUS Business School Alumni Association
Singapore Sports Council - Anti-Doping, Regional Anti-Doping
SUTL Investments

And more...




Front-End and Back-end Modularity

The CMS is built on a modular basis. It is design with flexibility and scalability in mind. The main objective is to create a system that is cost effective in the long run, where extensions or customised system modules can be implemented as and when required.

CMS Front-End/Back-end Modular Diagram

Front-End Content Management Engine

This is the core rendering engine that churns contents to various components of the CMS for displaying on the website. The System organizes the content on the web site according to what the user specifies.

Back-End Content Management Engine

This is the core content administration engine allows users to manage content for the displaying on the website. The System controls who can manage what content based on what the system administrator specifies.


Getting Started

With the slew of features available in the CMS, it is easy to get carried away with what you need for your website. To get started, it is worth the time and effort to do a proper analysis and planning and seek experts consultation before jumping into implementation.

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